Our mission

Provide a broad
range, high quality

Establish long-term relationship ensuring personal responsibility to every Customer

Develop an appropriate, flexible, Customer-
oriented plan to reach
specific goal

Ensure continuous development of ISO 9001 certified quality
management system

Our advantages

Customer focus

We provide professional support and develop the best way to solve the tasks facing your business.

We effectively use gained experience to minimize the time and cost, while maintaining high quality work.

Responsibility and Professionalism

We are guided by the international standards of business relations developed and maintained among the employees of our Company.

We attract specialists with relevant knowledge, qualifications and experience and observe the principles of confidentiality and honesty of cooperation.


We conduct all business processes based on an effective combination of scientific and technological innovations and the wealth of experience gained by the company over the years of intensive activity in the pharmaceutical market.

Why Us ?

Quality of provided

international quality
standards during project
ISO 9001

International status

offices and subsidiaries in
Lithuania, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries

Multilingual team

qualifed support during the project in
English / Russian / Ukrainian

Project management

communication with a single manager is provided by the synergy of
SPG employees


multistage information
storage system